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K-8th Grade

Student Uniform

All shirts and outerwear must have Christ Lutheran School’s logo and be purchased from The Uniform Store. All bottoms must be purchased from The Uniform Store. Plaid and black skirts (fifth - eighth grads), plaid and black shorts (kindergarten - fifth grade), and plaid jumpers (kindergarten – second grade) for girls. Shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be from The Uniform Store

  • Shirts: Do not have to be worn tucked in but may be required to be tucked in if they are sloppy in appearance. 
  • Shoes: Must be flat, fully enclosed, and must be FULLY black, gray, red, or white (or a combination of these) in color. Uniform colors only. No boots or sandals. 
  • Shoelaces: Must be black, gray, white, and/or red. 
  • Socks: Must be black, white, red, or gray in color. Black, white, red, or gray tights are acceptable for girls. Black, white, red, or gray leggings are acceptable and may be worn by girls under their skirts, skorts, or shorts. 
  • Belts: Must be black if worn. Belts will only be required if shorts/pants are sloppy in appearance. 
  • Hair accessories for girls: Must be simple and black, white, gray, and/or red. 
  • Hats: Are not allowed in the school building. 
  • T-shirts: May be worn under shirts. Must be tucked in. Must be gray, white, or black in color. 
  • Hair: Must be neat, clean, and trimmed. Excessive or distracting hairstyles are not acceptable (no non-natural hair colors). Long hair for boys is not acceptable. 
  • Jewelry: Must be simple (girls may wear studs or small hoop earrings only) and not distracting. Earrings for boys are not acceptable. 
  • Tattoos: Temporary tattoos may not be worn to school. 

Physical Education Uniform

All students in grades 5-8 will be involved in a departmentalized physical education program. All students in these grades must wear a gym uniform for the P.E. class. The shorts and shirt must be purchased from The Uniform Store.