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How We Correct Behaviors

We believe that all children have the potential to make good choices. But all of us at times make choices that affect others or ourselves in a negative way. If a child engages in unacceptable behavior, we will explain to him/her why his/her actions are unacceptable. Then together, the teacher and child will plan some ways for changing the problem behavior. This may mean the child is redirected to a different area on the playground or in the classroom. It may mean the child is not allowed to continue playing with a toy or piece of equipment that he/she may be using inappropriately. Or it may mean placing the child outside of the group but within sight of the teacher if the problem occurs during group activities. We always encourage children to make good behavioral choices, and will do our best to help your child learn appropriate behavior in the group setting. We will also encourage your child to develop healthy coping skills to work through frustration.

All persistent behavior problems will be reported to the child’s parent/guardian. Documentation will be made of persistent behavior problems. If the problem continues, the teacher and/or director will meet with the parents to make an action plan for desired behavior change. The child who continually hurts others will be removed from the program.

The following steps will be taken before the child is removed from the program:

  1. Parents will be notified of persistent behavior problems.
  2. Parents will meet with the teacher and director to discuss the problem situation.
  3. An action plan, which may include counseling, will be implemented to attempt to alleviate the problem behavior.
  4. If, after two weeks, or a time specified by the teacher and director, no improvement is evidenced, the child will be removed from the program.