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Our Plan For Emergencies

As we all know, when an earthquake or other emergency strikes, it strikes without warning. Christ Lutheran Church Ministries has implemented a preparedness plan that we feel will act in the best interest of your child.

In the event of an earthquake or other emergency, we will:

  • Keep your child at the center.
  • Provide first aid as needed.
  • Not allow anyone except authorized personnel on site.
  • Release children only to persons listed on your Emergency Information Form.
  • Take your child, should we need to evacuate our building, to the nearest safe location. Our master plan is that everyone will be relocated to our first level parking area and gym building.

As part of our preparedness plan, we are prepared to keep your child(ren), if necessary, for up to 72 hours. Christ Lutheran Church Ministries has purchased Emergency Kits that will take care of the needs of all children and personnel on campus at any given time. Each classroom is equipped with an Emergency Packet that provides the staff members with the necessary procedure instructions and materials that will best equip them to handle such an event.  All faculty members have been informed of procedures and assigned tasks in the case of any emergency.

If you have any questions about our total facility plan for addressing emergencies, please speak with the Preschool Director. You may also view our master document, which is located at the sign-in counter, at any time to examine the details of our emergency plans.